Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bedford County

Spent the last two days painting in Bedford County. Fridays, I pick up my daughter at Webb School so I usually spend Friday's painting in the Bell Buckle area. I painted a barn that I have painted numerous times. I like painting it because no matter what time of day, it seems to always have "good light".
Then this morning, Plein Air Nashville painted in the Fisherman's Park in the heart of Shelbyville. It is on the Duck River and we were trying to get a few more paintings for the Nature Conservancy show the Chestnut Group is having in a couple of weeks. It is a great place to paint. Easy to get to the water and great views of the old corn mill and dam. I think in the later years they actually generated electricity with it.
The only issue I had was one of the "locals" walked up right when I started and stood right over my left shoulder about three feet away the entire time I painted. Two hours this guy stood there and didn't miss a brush stroke. If I can find out who he is I think I am going to send him a "workshop fee".


Theresa Rankin said...

Again two great pieces with a wonderful sense of light and place. I can relate to the on-looker can be irritating....although once it was profitable! The lady watching bought my painting right off the easel!

Kevin Menck said...

Unfortunately the gentleman standing over my shoulder didn't look like he had the "disposable income" to be purchasing fine art. If he actually did come across some money I think work on his teeth should have been his first investment.

Doug said...

I heard of an artist who would swish his brush around in the solvent, then sling it behind him to dry it off. This kept onlookers at a distance. Of course you would need a bigger brush than that #1... :0)

More nice paintings, Kevin!

Kevin Menck said...

Heeeyyy. You need to quit making fun of my brush size. I am liable to develop a complex. Remember, size dosen't matter.