Monday, August 18, 2008

The Massey Ferguson

This is a good friend of mine's Massey Ferguson. It has been around Totty's Bend a lot longer than I have and like me has probably seen better days. However, when you turn the key we both start and still have a lot of work left in us. Recently they bought a brand new John Deere 4- wheel drive, top of the line tractor.The inside is nicer than my pick-up. Climate controlled cab, sound system, captain's chair. More to it than I can list here. 65,000 dollars. No, I didn't add an extra 0, it was 65,000 dollars. I am not quite sure how farmers do what they do with the price of land, fuel, feed, equipment, weather, etc., etc., but they are getting it done because I just sat down at my dinner table and ate like a horse thanks to a farmer.


Doug said...

Great tractor Kevin! I'm glad to see you finally getting a chance to use up some of that red paint.

Maybe you can find a fire engine out in a field somewhere you can paint. :0)

Kevin Menck said...

I have actually got to order more red paint.