Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Comfort Zone

Painted with Plein Air Nashville again on Saturday morning and we painted right in the heart of Nashville at the Legislative Plaza. There are some great views of the Capital and the Library, the War memorial building and other attractions all from standing in this one area. I went a little early to try and get my "cityscape" frame of mind in order and walked around the area and looked. Paintings everywhere. The view I painted is from the War Memorial building down Deadrick Street to the greenspace in front of the newly remodeled court house. I have no idea what the little twin structures are at the end. If anybody can tell me let me know.
Typically this type of painting would have been out of my comfort zone, painting with a group of people in the city with gawkers every second or two asking,"whatcha' doin?" But going with PAN and getting out of my comfort zone has improved my work and my ability to do what I do. I think anytime you try something different in your art, something new, whether you succeed or fail, it ultimately makes you a better artist. I have now painted with PAN enough that some of these commando type paint outs in the heart of the urban jungle have fallen into my comfort zone.
What next?


Doug said...

Hey, nice painting! I didn't make it there last Saturday, but I went the last time PAN painted there and painted (or attempted to paint) that very same scene.

Chris Ousley said...

If I ever get away from music rehearsal I will join you all. I made it last year to the old Nashville Cemetery. Sold my painting.

Speaking of gawkers, (most are cool)....One time I was in Florida and some old snooty bat says "Why are you wasting time painting this, just take a photo! I don't understand you artists! !*&$#@!!!

Kevin Menck said...

Should have stabbed her in the neck with the business end of a no.6 flat hog bristle.